This site is a great way to learn about Look Good Feel Better, but the best way to experience the program is in person. To find a group program in the United States, use the Program Finder below or call us at 1-800-395-LOOK (5665).

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For Women

Cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite and strength. But it doesn’t have to take away her self-confidence. Our group programs are open to all women with cancer who are undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or other forms of treatment. Learn more here.

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For Men

Men undergoing treatment for cancer have unique needs. The Look Good Feel Better web site and educational brochure were designed to help men deal with side effects such as skin changes, hair loss and stress. Find out more here.

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For Teens

Our teen programs help girls and guys ages 13 – 17 deal with the appearance, health and social side effects of cancer treatment. An additional website serves teens globally.

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International programs share our name and mission. Together, 20,400 volunteers have helped over one million women all over the globe. Find one near you.

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If we’re not yet in your area, request our mail-order instructional booklet and DVD or video Just For You, a step-by-step guide to help you look good and feel better during cancer treatment. DVDs and videos can be mailed within the United States and Puerto Rico. Outside the United States, find out about Look Good Feel Better international programs.