Announcing the 2017 State Sunrise Award Winners

state-sunrise-award-photoThe Look Good Feel Better Sunrise Award for Outstanding Service is presented to volunteers who have displayed outstanding volunteer leadership, dedication, skills, and kindness. Collectively, these volunteers have helped thousands of cancer patients tremendously in coping with the appearance related challenges of their illness. Volunteers are nominated by American Cancer Society staff, peers, or are self-nominated. State winners are determined by Society regional staff in three categories: Professional Beauty Association (PBA) member/LGFB Certified Volunteer, LGFB Certified Volunteer, and LGFB General Volunteer.

In 2017, Look Good Feel Better recognized 41 remarkable volunteers at the state level who have made a truly memorable impact on patients. Thank you to each of these individuals, as well as to all the LGFB volunteers whose dedication makes this program possible.

The 2017 State Sunrise Award Winners are:

  • Arkansas: Susann Crowell – LGFB Certified
  • Arizona: Dolly Quinn – LGFB Certified
  • Connecticut: Laura Achilles – LGFB Certified
    • Elaine Grant – General Volunteer
  • Georgia: Rea Harrison – LGFB Certified
  • Hawaii: Ruby Wong – LGFB Certified
  • Illinois: Brenda Flores – LGFB Certified
    • Patrice Stephens – General Volunteer
  • Indiana: Becky Hankins – LGFB Certified
    • Susan Stauffer – LGFB Certified
  • Iowa: Paula Hamer – LGFB Certified
  • Kansas: Jim Grimes – LGFB Certified
    • Louise Zeikle – General Volunteer
  • Kentucky: Carolyn Dunn – LGFB Certified
  • Louisiana: Karla Acuna – General Volunteer
  • Maine: Colleen Anderson – LGFB Certified
  • Massachusetts: Samantha Delabruere – LGFB Certified
    • Marilyn Collins – General Volunteer
  • Michigan: Cynthia Parsons – LGFB Certified
  • Minnesota: Katherine Martin – PBA/LGFB Certified
  • Missouri: Kelly Kennedy – General Volunteer
  • Montana: Nancy Rowe – LGFB Certified
  • Nebraska: Tanya Bosche – LGFB Certified
  • Nevada: Jil-Ann Reardon – LGFB Certified
  • New Hampshire: Joanne McDonough – LGFB Certified
  • New Jersey: Barbara McDonnell – LGFB Certified
  • New York: Thomas Kechejian – LGFB Certified
    • Penny Worth – General Volunteer
  • North Carolina: Emilee McClain – General Volunteer
  • Oklahoma: Jane Niemeyer – LGFB Certified
  • Pennsylvania: Charlene Blacer – LGFB Certified
  • Rhode Island: Lisa Hassell – LGFB Certified
    • Angela Brunero – General Volunteer
  • South Carolina: Shannon Brogdon – LGFB Certified
    • Carol Cumming – General Volunteer
  • South Dakota: Mary Barrett – LGFB Certified
  • Texas: Jessica Meyers – PBA/LGFB Certified
    • Daniela Hernandez-Salas – LGFB Certified
  • Washington: Donald Miller – LGFB Certified
  • West Virginia: Susan Fraser – LGFB Certified
  • Wisconsin: Gretchen Brown – LGFB Certified

These volunteers have been a gift in the lives of the many women they have worked with through the program, and we are thrilled to announce and celebrate their achievements. If you would like to nominate an outstanding volunteer, including yourself, who has made an exceptional contribution to Look Good Feel Better for the 2018 State Sunrise Awards, the application and submission guidelines will be available on the Volunteer Awards and Recognition page in early 2018.