Beauty Editor's Day Register

Register for Look Good Feel Better Beauty Editors Day, 2013
Thursday, August 1, Noon - 7PM at Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC

Welcome to the registration page for the second annual Look Good Feel Better Beauty Editors Day event at Saks Fifth Avenue. On Thursday, August 1st, 2013, Saks will once again welcome 31 top beauty editors, who will host readers at the counters of 31 prestigious beauty brands for one-on-one beauty advice. Each editor sit-down will last 20 minutes, and be followed by a makeup application, skincare or fragrance consultation at her partner beauty counter. An added bonus - every participant will receive a free (full-sized) gift!

Appointments cost $30.00 and all proceeds go directly to Look Good Feel Better, a program that helps cancer patients to cope with the outward side effects of treatment.

Slots are limited, so book an appointment with your favorite beauty editor now - before they're gone! We hope to see you on August 1st.