Instructional Videos

On this page you will find a compilation of videos that can help you look your best during cancer treatment.


Styling - Skin Sensitivity

Many women find that their skin changes during treatment.

Styling - Body Types

The five most typical body shapes

Styling - Weight Loss

If you have lost weight, stick to closer-fitting silhouettes and bulkier knits to add visual weight to your frame.

Styling - Color

As a rule, jewel tones are universally flattering.

Styling - Weight Gain

If you have gained weight from treatment, look for structured but not bulky fabrics that create a shape on the body as opposed to flimsy fabrics that simply lay there.

Styling - Camouflage

If you had a mastectomy with no reconstruction, wear ruffles and big pockets to add emphasis to the chest area.

A Guide to Personal Style

A Guide to Personal Style

The newest addition to the Look Good Feel Better workshops addresses wardrobe and accessory challenges women face while undergoing cancer treatment.


Loss of Lashes

Garrett demonstrates how to enhance your eyes and make them pop!

Complexion & Concealing

Jill provides some easy tips and tricks to help you put your best face forward, even when your skin is not cooperating.

Healthy Complexion

Nina provides ways to get a healthy, glowing complexion.


Erica walks through ways to plump up thinning brows resulting from hair loss during cancer treatment.

Makeup Step-by-Step

New Hair Looks

Nail Care


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