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On this page you will find a compilation of videos that can help you look your best during cancer treatment.

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Healthy Complexion

Nina at Benefit Cosmetics provides ways to get a healthy, glowing complexion.


Erica from Benefit Cosmetics walks through ways to plump up thinning brows resulting from hair loss during cancer treatment.


Complexion & Concealing

Jill from Benefit Cosmetics provides some easy tips and tricks to help you put your best face forward, even when your skin is not cooperating.

Makeup - Cleanser

Developing dry or sensitive skin during chemotherapy and radiation is common – and may require changes in your daily skincare routine.

Makeup - Moisturizer

Choose the appropriate moisturizer according to your skin type or special needs during chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Makeup - Foundation

Foundation is the best way to create a healthy, even skin tone – particularly if you look pale or sallow.

Makeup - Concealer

Concealer instantly helps correct the look of blemishes and other changes in your skin.

Makeup - Powder

Dust oilier skin with a translucent or light-colored loose powder to set your makeup and help control shine.

Makeup - Blush

Nothing looks more vibrant than a seemingly natural glow.

Makeup - Eyebrows

There are several ways to re-create your eyebrows if they have thinned or fallen out.

Makeup - Eyeshadow

Highlighting your eyes with eyeshadow and liner will brighten, define, and emphasize the area – and take the focus away from changes in your skin tone if need be.

Makeup - Eyeliner

Highlighting your eyes with eyeshadow and liner will brighten, define, and emphasize the area – and take the focus away from changes in your skin tone if need be.

Makeup - Mascara

Mascara is an excellent boost for thinning lashes. Use it as you usually would to restore their lushness.

Makeup - Lip Liner

Start with lip liner if you like extra definition or want to prevent your lipstick from feathering.

Makeup - Lipstick

A touch of lipstick completes any look and is the ideal way to add a bit of color if you aren’t feeling up to performing your makeup routine.

New Hair Looks

New Hair Looks - Wigs

For most women, selecting a wig is something of a mystery – but most shops are staffed with an expert to guide you to the right fit, color, and style.

New Hair Looks - Scarves and Turbans

If you’re short on time, exhausted, or not feeling well, but want to look put together, a turban may be a good choice.

New Hair Looks - Wig Alternatives

Wearing a hat is an excellent way to disguise your hair loss. And there are many, many options – from baseball caps to fedoras to berets.


Nail Care

Start by keeping your nails trimmed and short during treatment, and follow the tips in this video.


Styling - Skin Sensitivity

Many women find that their skin changes during treatment.

Styling - Color

As a rule, jewel tones are universally flattering.

Styling - Body Types

The five most typical body shapes

Styling - Weight Gain

If you have gained weight from treatment, look for structured but not bulky fabrics that create a shape on the body as opposed to flimsy fabrics that simply lay there.

Styling - Weight Loss

If you have lost weight, stick to closer-fitting silhouettes and bulkier knits to add visual weight to your frame.

Styling - Camouflage

If you had a mastectomy with no reconstruction, wear ruffles and big pockets to add emphasis to the chest area.

At-home Guides

At-home Guide for Confidence during Beauty Treatment

Look Good Feel Better's at-home guide to confidence and beauty during treatment

At-home Guide to Personal Style

The newest addition to the Look Good Feel Better workshops addresses wardrobe and accessory challenges women face while undergoing cancer treatment.

Virtual Workshop - November 2011

Makeup Step-by-Step

New Hair Looks

Nail Care


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