Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Spotlight: Mary

I first heard about Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) from a social worker when I was being evaluated for chemotherapy.   Then, I attended a  LGFB patient workshop on March 17, 2014.

I completely enjoyed the whole experience—make-up, clothes and hats/scarves.  I have always been a makeup and fashion girly-girl and, even though I’m 62, I knew who Stacy London and Carmindy were because I don’t think I’ve missed an episode of “What Not To Wear!” 

While this program was very helpful to me and so very generous (and for that, I am very grateful), it was also just plain fun.  I was excited to go to the patient workshop and thoroughly enjoyed being there.  This program came into my life during my darkest hour and was my first opportunity after being diagnosed and having surgery to do something light and fun and that too meant a lot to me.

I enjoyed the make-up application lessons the most.  And I was very grateful (and frankly, completely stunned) to be able to leave with a bagful of expensive make-up.   

Again, the make-up application lessons were the most useful to me—I have to say, I had  drop-dead gorgeous eyebrows during chemo without a hair in the area!  Even I could barely tell they weren’t real—it was just well-applied make-up and I have absolutely no artistic talent.    

It was always the same—friends and family would come up to me, put their face up to mine, squint (as if they were sure they would spot something wrong) and say, somewhat disbelievingly, “You look great!”  It was always fun to watch and hear!