Look Good Feel Better in Ecuador – Part of LGFB’s 25-year history!

Look Good Feel Better is a program that positively transforms the spirit of the people who have the good fortune to participate. Each year more people are benefitting from this wonderful program. Our very long 2015 “waiting list” is a testament to our growing program.

Patients attending LGFB in Ecuador say that they experience more self-worth, hope and enthusiasm towards life after having attended our program.  After a LGFB workshop and seeing themselves “look good,” the patients feel a lot better about themselves.

In 2011, with great enthusiasm, we took the first steps to launch LGFB in Ecuador. Initially, hospitals in Ecuador were hesitant to host LGFB as they did not know what the program was about. After seeing the results and how happy the patients were after the workshops, they became enthusiastic and opened their doors to the program.   

In Ecuador, LGFB is offered to both men and women. Since the program began  three years ago, we have seen more than 2,000 people recover their smiles, self-esteem and sense of hope. As LGFB leaders and volunteers, we too have enriched our spirit and have become passionate about returning the smiles to those patients who have lost them. We are happy to do what we do.

 LGFB’s 25th anniversary has touched the hearts of many people from all corners of the world. Today we celebrate an idea from people who, 25 years ago, dreamed of helping people with cancer through our industry. That dream is now a reality and it continues to grow throughout the world, capturing the hearts of those of us who are part of the program:  companies, volunteers – and our reason for being – our dear program participants. Returning the smile and sense of hope to our them is our dream.  


                                Participants in our first program 


                 Paty Flores, our first model at our first LGFB workshop

                                   Men’s program workshop