Laura Welton LGFB Volunteer: “Life Changing Passion”

I first heard about Look Good Feel Better when a dear friend of mine was coming to terms with the loss of her grandfather to his battle with lung cancer. Lisa was volunteering her time with The American Cancer Society when one of the staff partners asked her if she would like to help grow the Look Good Feel Better program in our area. Being my best friend, she figured we both needed to do this together. Funny how a simple request of a friend, in a single moment, has turned into life changing passion.

If I had one word to use to describe anyone involved with Look Good Feel Better it would be resilient. Anyone coming through the doors, whether it is to facilitate or attend a class, has a visible level of hope, courage and beauty in each of them. Resilient is a word that defines the strength of being able to have the courage to face change. I also like saying the word. Who can say resilient without some emphases?

In my time volunteering with Look Good Feel Better I think the most uplifting moments are when I have woman who has attended a class, won her battle with cancer, and then returns to become a volunteer for Look Good Feel Better. I have had the privilege of three women doing just that. It is humbling to me to be given the honor of not only helping them find a moment of light during their battle, but then to have them continue to bring light to others. This is when I see the sparkle of the web of resilient people within The Look Good Feel Better Program.

 There is a moment in every Look Good Feel Better class for me when it stops being about cancer and it starts being about make-up and the fun of being a girl. It usually starts when a brave soul removes her wig or head covering with a little nervous giggle to show how much hair she has and then with encouragement eyebrows are drawn on and a new shade of lip stick is applied. It’s the laughter and the dare to try that new color attitude that is my favorite part. Actually just writing about that makes me smile with memories of just those moments.

  Volunteering with Look Good Feel Better started out for me being about spending time with a dear friend. Then it became about working through my grief of losing my friend Jan to cancer and watching my Mother’s battle with her multiple cancer diagnosis. (Thankfully she is cancer free and stronger than ever) Now, it has just become a part of the fabric that makes up me. It is like being called a cosmetologist, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife. I am a volunteer with Look Good Feel Better!