Felicitations to Look Good Feel Better USA on your Silver Anniversary!

Twenty five years of helping women cancer patients is a wonderful achievement. We have been very fortunate here in France to have benefitted from more than two decades of knowledge and expertise as we have developed our Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) programme in the last decade.

France was the 12th country to implement the LGFB programme in 2002.Look Good Feel BetterFrance has come a long way since then. Today the French affiliate (known as “belle & bien ”) helps women to gain confidence, control and self-esteem throughout 24 hospitals and cancer care centers.

Since the programme’s inception, over 2 000 workshops have been organized and more than 15,000 women have benefitted from the generosity and beauty techniques of our 100 plus volunteer base.  Look Good Feel Better France is currently supported by 16 prominent cosmetic brands from the beauty industry. Many of these brands were founding members and we are indebted to them for their loyalty and support throughout the years. This year, we are delighted that some of our member companies are undertaking exciting initiatives to further increase awareness of the Look Good Feel Better cause.

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary in 2012 – the original French Look Good Feel Better name “La Vie, de plus belle…“changed to “belle & bien”.  This name change together with the new international logo has enabled Look Good Feel Better France to better communicate its purpose and reach out to even more cancer patients. Since the beginning of 2014, several hospitals have increased the number of workshops and demand for the programme is steadily increasing.

We wish the U.S. all the best for this important anniversary and are proud to be part of the Look Good Feel Better network.