Daughter Recounts Mom’s Reawakened Sense of Beauty through Look Good Feel Better

Last week, we
introduced you to Look Good Feel
partnership with Fashion Project, an online retailer where your clothing
donations and purchases give back to Look Good Feel Better. This week, we want
to share a personal story by Paige Smith, Fashion Project Stylist, about
Paige’s mother’s experience with the program, as we honor mothers this month.

True confession: I love makeup. It amazes me what a few
brush strokes of blush, a little mascara, and a sassy lip color can do to a
woman’s appearance and more importantly, her self-esteem. I know that I
personally sometimes wake up in the morning resembling the Loch Ness Monster.
After some foundation, bronzer, and a little cheek highlighter, I magically
transform into a fresh-faced beauty ready to seize the day. Makeup makes me
look good and as a result, I feel good.

My mom is to blame for my makeup obsession. At a young age,
she taught me to always take the time to look and feel fabulous, even if it
entails wearing lipstick while relaxing in a pair of sweats and an oversized
t-shirt. Before my mom was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, makeup
to me was fun, sometimes necessary, but always relatively superficial. Now its
value has forever transformed in my eyes. Today I view it as a way to help
women see the light at the end of the tunnel during a time of pain, weakness
and insecurity.

Pre-cancer, my mom was a pro at what
she likes to call, “putting her face on” and could do so in a short amount of
time. As she started her radiation and chemo treatments, her daily process
became increasingly longer and more frustrating. She hated how her body reacted
to treatments and all of the medications, but refused to look like the frail,
weak cancer patient she sometimes felt on the inside. Realizing she needed a
little support, my mom quickly introduced herself to Look Good Feel Better,
and reawakened her sense of inner and outer beauty.

Look Good Feel Better is a non-medical,
brand-neutral public service program that teaches various beauty techniques to
cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of
cancer treatment. Through the program, my mom received a variety of makeup and
beauty products from designer brands. One of her favorite things from Look
Good Feel Better
 was an eyebrow kit that included stencils, brushes and
brow pencils that helped create the perfect fake eyebrow. Not only did my mom’s
eyebrows look pristine, but they did not smudge, flake, or melt away!

Women all over the United States
have chosen Look Good Feel Better to help them through their
battle with breast cancer (as well as many other forms of cancer), all while
looking gorgeous at the same time! Approximately 950,000 women suffering from
cancer participate in Look Good Feel Better in the United
States. Each year, companies affiliated with the Personal Care Products Council
donate approximately one million individual products (valued at about $12.5

This wonderful organization gave my mom the strength to kick
her cancer in the butt, by simply making her feel beautiful again. At the end
of the day, everyone, healthy or sick, is entitled to feel beautiful. I
want to personally give Look Good Feel Better a huge thank you
for making my mom and myself feel like we can run the world each and every day!

To support Look Good Feel Better’s mission and women, like
my mom, click to donate your clothing, shoes and accessories.
Together we can make fashion a force for confidence!

-Paige Smith, Fashion Project Stylist

Republished with
permission from http://blog.fashionproject.com/why-we-do-it