Congratulations from Spain on US 25th Anniversary

Tthe LGFB program in Spain, “Ponte guapa, te sentirás mejor” as one of the youngest global  LGFB affiliates, is thrilled to congratulate our U.S. LGFB colleagues on their  25th anniversary. The LGFB program has helped thousands of women with cancer around the world to feel better and look like themselves again.

The advice and support from the U.S. made it possible to start the Spanish program in 2012. Since then, more than 1.200 women in our country have also benefitted from the program in 16 hospitals in various locations, through 175 workshops. In Spain the program is promoted through The National Cosmetic Association Foundation, Fundación Stanpa, supported by 28 cosmetic companies that donate funds and products in order to make the workshops a reality.

Doctors and nurses and more than 60 beauty professionals offer their time, support and professional skills to guide the patients through the LGFB workshops here in Spain.  Attendees are taught the 12 steps of LGFB, from the gentle facial cleansing to makeup application skills, all of which help to restore beauty and promote self-confidence during cancer treatment.   Workshops are filled with moments of joy and relaxation for patients, helping them remember that life is made of little wonderful moments.

We wish you all the best on this special “silver” anniversary and look forward to celebrating many Spanish LGFB anniversaries in years to come. We are proud to be a part of this big LGFB family!