Announcing the 2016 State Sunrise Award Winners

state-sunrise-award-photoThe Look Good Feel Better Sunrise Award for Outstanding Service is presented to volunteers who have displayed outstanding volunteer leadership, dedication, skills, and kindness. Collectively, these volunteers have helped thousands of cancer patients tremendously in coping with the appearance related challenges of their illness. Volunteers are nominated by American Cancer Society staff, peers, or are self-nominated. State winners are determined by Society division staff in three categories: Professional Beauty Association (PBA) member/LGFB Certified Volunteer, LGFB Certified Volunteer, and LGFB General Volunteer.

In 2016, Look Good Feel Better recognized 42 remarkable volunteers at the state level who have made a truly memorable impact on patients. Thank you to each of these individuals, as well as to all the LGFB volunteers whose dedication makes this program possible.

The 2016 State Sunrise Award Winners are:

  • Arkansas: Tammy Reeves – LGFB Certified
  • California: Susan Perfecto – LGFB Certified
    • Imsoon Kim Nurss – General Volunteer
  • Connecticut: Annie Salgado – LGFB Certified
  • District of Columbia: Shaniqua Gray – LGFB Certified
  • Florida: Rita Page – LGFB Certified
  • Hawaii: Susan Santiago – LGFB Certified
  • Illinois: Julie Conover – LGFB Certified
    • Elizabeth Green – General Volunteer
  • Indiana: Holli Zabek – LGFB Certified
  • Iowa: Diana Heeney – LGFB Certified
  • Kansas: PollyAnn Yates – LGFB Certified
    • Nancy Bieker – General Volunteer
  • Maine: Diane Yazwinski – LGFB Certified
  • Maryland: Lisa Stokes Thorn – LGFB Certified
  • Massachusetts: Jill (Ruby) Gerry – LGFB Certified
    • Barbra Tugman – General Volunteer
  • Michigan: Marie Myer – LGFB Certified
  • Minnesota: Kristin Finney – LGFB Certified
  • Missouri: Laura Kitzmann – LGFB Certified
    • Sue Griffith – General Volunteer
  • Nebraska: Melody Iliff – LGFB Certified
  • Nevada: Katie Lowe – LGFB Certified
  • New Hampshire: Lena Hartford – LGFB Certified
  • New Jersey: Adriana Fontora – LGFB Certified
  • New York: Diane Greene – LGFB Certified
    • Linda Mahler – General Volunteer
  • North Carolina: Dawn Temple – General Volunteer
  • Oklahoma: Stephanie Lykowski – PBA/LGFB Certified
    • Diane Taylor – General Volunteer
  • Pennsylvania: Rachel Hezlep – LGFB Certified
  • Rhode Island: Russel Ricci – LGFB Certified
    • Adriana Zapata – General Volunteer
  • South Carolina: Susan Harvey – LGFB Certified
  • Texas: June Williams – LGFB Certified
    • Mary Seward – PBA/LGFB Certified
  • Vermont: Shannette Streeter – LGFB Certified
  • Virginia: Lavetta Goldsborough – LGFB Certified
    • Sabrina Hansen – General Volunteer
  • Washington: Tamara Miller – LGFB Certified
  • West Virginia: Sarah White – General volunteer
  • Wisconsin: Barb Justman – PBA/LGFB Certified

These volunteers have been a gift in the lives of the many women they have worked with through the program, and we are thrilled to announce and celebrate their achievements. If you would like to nominate an outstanding volunteer, including yourself, who has made an exceptional contribution to Look Good Feel Better for the 2017 State Sunrise Awards, the application and submission guidelines will be available on the Volunteer Awards and Recognition page in early 2017.